The World’s Oldest Casino Games



The World’s Oldest Casino Games

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The World’s Oldest Casino Games

Gambling is as old as time itself- it has been a part of every society and civilization for centuries. Casinos didn’t exist until much more recently, but there were undoubtedly casinos in almost all previous worlds, too!


What games did people play back then? Not video slots, that’s for sure. Here are some of the more traditional casino table games which would have been available to bet on hundreds or even thousands of years ago: A game called lansquenette (a French horn instrument) was played with six splendidly engraved silver tables; another called basset – whose score had 24 dubitable lines drawn under it–is said by some writers never actually existed. Outside these pages! The Ridotto featured fifty-four boxes set around its outer edge…

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    • Roulette

      The French invention of roulette, which is credited to Blaise Pascal in the 17th century, has its roots in an early attempt at developing a perpetual motion machine. His work led him down this path, but it was not successful – yet his creations laid some necessary groundwork for what we know today as “roulettes.”

      The roulette game was invented in France and became trendy. In 18th century Britain, an early version with the undoubtedly ingenious name ‘roly poly’ appeared for a short period before being banned by 1739 due to its gambling nature, which explores more.

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    • Blackjack

      The first reference to BlackjackBlackjack, or rather the early form of it called 21 is found in a book by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. He describes two card cheats who are experts at rigging games so that they can get lucky to their advantage with this particular story being written around 1600, which means players had probably enjoyed these types of events long before then since there’s no way anyone would have known what was happening outside their country if not for news travel across oceans back then. The context here tells us when people started playing the cards game “21”, but you could also say something along those lines.

      Gamers all over the world have been playing BlackjackBlackjack since it was first invented back in 1930. The game became very popular, especially after casinos found that players submitted more hands than expected on their own accord- this is due to bonuses giving free turns with an agreed-upon count towards reaching 21 points or less before being declared defeated by your opponent who gets all bets refunded if they happen to come out ahead during any round where another hand has already bet revealed; there are also specific rules regarding how much money can change Hands With+,10.

    • Keno

      Keno is a game of chance that has been around for centuries. Not surprisingly, the original form had some major differences from modern versions like the ones found in Las Vegas casinos today – but they were still basically unchanged aside from refinements over time!

      The game has been around for centuries, but people have only recently started playing the Chinese version of football. The sport was invented to raise the money needed to build walls on either side and stop future attacks from happening again! While there may not be much truth behind this story at all (and who knows? Maybe you were one of those immigrants), we can’t deny its popularity among fans worldwide since then- what seemed like just another boring activity ended up being something entirely different than expected…

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Dice are the oldest casino games, and they date back to 400 BC in Greece! While there is much debate about who invented them or when exactly their popularity took off- it’s hard not to be fascinated with how far this simple device has come since then. Dice set up all sorts of possibilities for players: counting ranks & areas; guessing what your opponent will roll next based on previous throws/ Results.; combinations that seem impossible until one counts, right? And now we have electronic versions too, where every number matters instead just 1 slot like before.

Dice have been around since 6000 BC, thanks to the work of archaeologists all over the world. In Egypt, dice estimated 2000BC were found, and they seem similar enough that we can say for certain this game was played before then! One example is craps- common in casinos these days but originally known as Hazard outside London, where it began its life sometime during the 17th century AD. Once New Orleans absorbed them into society after the 1800sled, gambling evolved alongside other innovations, including bets on numbers rather than sides which helped create a modern-day version called “Crapscrossing”.



Land-based casinos provide an opportunity to have a good time and earn money, as well as… to launder money! Alas, this is also possible. Read about the history of one such casino in the Crown Sydney casino opens – another beacon for criminals looking to launder dirty money.

Modern casino games may be ancient, but they’re still generating plenty of excitement. When you play a round or two at the slots machines during your next visit to Vegas, for example – whether it’s on principle so-called “skill” based gambling like BlackjackBlackjack where players know their odds thanks in part because statisticians have spent decades analyzing how human beings gamble.